[Project_owners] Drupal errors

NGUYEN-Manh Hung loveleeyoungae at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 14 09:57:13 PST 2009


I've seen some errors with Drupal, are they mozdev's bugs?

1. Get to the main drupal page of vi.mozdev.org. You'll notice that when you click on the "Login/Register" link, nothing happens.

Or you can go to the "create a new page" page, click on, for instance, "Authoring Information", it will be expanded. But when you click on it again in order to collapse the menu, nothing happens.

2. Get to this page, you'll see this warning "The following enabled modules are incompatible with aggressive mode caching and might not function properly: liquid":

3. In the modules list page, there is this module "CCK Fields". However, it is unselectable because its required module '"Content" is missing.

NGUYEN-Manh Hung


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