[Project_owners] more weird problems

D. Cad. dmcad77 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 24 12:38:28 PDT 2008

i'm having some issues to the Portable Firefox 
some extensions seems not to close their opened RDF files
then if FF hangs for some reason, the entire RDF tree inside FF
aka passwords, addon installs, and on goes corrupted.

I wonder what could we do about it because many times you have
to close the FF for one single page and a few times i get corrupted
the tree and have to rebuild.

I can assume that this issue multiplies when i work in unix,
i use FEBE a lot to backup and recover, but it does not
work among any versions and it does not restore passwords ok,

BTW, 8 years of FF is amazing, i'm pretty happy for all of this. Cheers

documentation about the sources could be greater. i never went

into the mozilla sources since it's kinda cryptic thing,

Keep up the good work, i'll help as much as i can.

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