[Project_owners] Mozdev www wrapping (branding)

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 10:41:14 PDT 2008

Todd Whiteman wrote:
> Hi, I'm having trouble turning off the mozdev site branding.
> In the mozdev documentation, it states that to turn *off* branding,
> include "no_wrap" in the URL:
> http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/wiki/MozdevDocs#toc7
> I've tried this, but I'm still getting the mozdev branding coming
> through, example:
> http://pyxpcomext.mozdev.org/tutorials/no_wrap/pyxulrunner/python_xulrunner_about.html
> Is this a bug, or is there another way to turn off the wrapping for
> particular www files?
> Thanks,
> Todd

I think the no_wrap is specified per directory, so you'll need to copy
local.conf with setting "$local_conf_no_wrap = ON;" to each subdirectory
or specify no_wrap at the first level in the path :

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