[Project_owners] Anecdotes about Extension Development

Marco Pivetta ocramius at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 12:36:49 PDT 2008

I started from GreaseMonkey too, and developed for almost 2 years with it
(that's really awful if I look at it now! Extensions are surely more
powerful, but the GreaseMonkey's authors had a fantastic idea)
My idea was the same of Ramiro's one (I just came a while later!): I got
involved in developing extensions because of a webgame (Ogame, again...
Don't play it! It's a drug!).
And I've got to say that it is a really cool way to improve our programming

Started with notepad.exe (Yes! The one in C:\windows !)
Then moved to notepad++ after 2 or 3 months...
After that I learned using PHP and MySQL and made my horrors (MySQL queries
with terrifying subqueries, infinite loops in MySQL, no indexes in
databases, javascript loops, php crashes, firewall crashes because of
excessive http requests... All because of my mistakes :( :( :(  )
Moved to linux, started learning ssh, then moved to mozdev, started learning
CVS and it's versatility.
Anyway, failing, failing and failing again helped me out, because also if I
started with no theorical knoweledge (never learned anything about
programming at school), now I can say I'm able to do something.
It's fun to see how my programs that were crashing with 10 users online are
now supplying data to more than 4000 connected users with almost null cpu
usage on my server.
Now I have my 15 GB large database hosted on a dedicated server, payed
through the sponsors placed on my website. Community based on my addon grew
to 27000 users in no-time, developers and helpers came to tell me tips and
suggestions from every country. I must really say it has been and it still
is a great adventure!
It's fun to make addons for Firefox, but it is also a great satisfaction to
see that it's not just fun!

P.S.: Could you please cut off the "horrors" from my story? XD

2008/9/14 Roman Mironenko <roman_mir at hotmail.com>

>  So it's Saturday evening (I think), I am working on an extension, wife
> asks me if I wanted to do anything together and I reply, -Code review.  And
> she says, OK.  I think I fell of the chair.
> Roman
> > Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 16:20:49 +0200
> > From: brian at mozdev.org
> > To: project_owners at mozdev.org
> > Subject: [Project_owners] Anecdotes about Extension Development
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm giving a presentation next week at the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop in
> > Paris. While I usually give technical talks, this one will be a
> > departure from that formula and aims to give an overview of add-ons and
> > how they fit in the ecosystem of Mozilla.
> >
> > One part I want to devote to is the history of extension development,
> > covering:
> >
> > - technologies used (e.g. install.js)
> > - funny anecdotes
> > - horror stories
> > - tools
> > - motivations (e.g. I developed my extension to help my Granny do xyz)
> >
> > Mozdev has been around since 2000 and this seems like the best group of
> > all to ask for contributions. So if you have any stories that you think
> > would fit, I'd love to hear them.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > - Brian
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