[Project_owners] Anecdotes about Extension Development

Roman Mironenko roman_mir at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 14 11:03:18 PDT 2008

So it's Saturday evening (I think), I am working on an extension, wife asks me if I wanted to do anything together and I reply, -Code review.  And she says, OK.  I think I fell of the chair.


> Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 16:20:49 +0200
> From: brian at mozdev.org
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> Subject: [Project_owners] Anecdotes about Extension Development
> Hi,
> I'm giving a presentation next week at the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop in 
> Paris. While I usually give technical talks, this one will be a 
> departure from that formula and aims to give an overview of add-ons and 
> how they fit in the ecosystem of Mozilla.
> One part I want to devote to is the history of extension development, 
> covering:
> - technologies used (e.g. install.js)
> - funny anecdotes
> - horror stories
> - tools
> - motivations (e.g. I developed my extension to help my Granny do xyz)
> Mozdev has been around since 2000 and this seems like the best group of 
> all to ask for contributions. So if you have any stories that you think 
> would fit, I'd love to hear them.
> Thanks,
> - Brian
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