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Ramiro Aparicio frisco82 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 08:46:09 PDT 2008

Well, that is not so strange all extensions are within the same scope so
everyone can hijack other functions (it depends on the loading order, which
depends on installation order) but I learned it by the hard way I did not
create a custom function with a stange name I defined my own "eval"
function, you can imagine how everything started to crash when I added more
extensions to my installation of Firefox.
Kindly enough Mouse Gestures developers told me about that shared scope
problem when I opened a bug about our strange interactions :P

Some other stories to tell:
 + Initiallly my IDE was: Notepad + Winrar (yes I made the whole zip and
rename process every time) + TortoiseCVS, I then changed to Notepad + 7zip +
Bat + Tortoise, then Eclipse + 7zip to finally Eclipse with Ant builder,
originally I took me 5 minutes to make a xpi while now its only 20-30
 + I will never forget the last second change about security restrictions in
RC3 a week before Firefox 3 release, everyone already had their T-shirt at
home for updating extensions to be compatible with FF3 but a week before
release hundreds of extensions developers saw their extensions broken and
with 6 days to rerelease and the review list on AMO bigger than ever.
I still love one of the comments on that bug:
+ Until my last release a couple of months ago I still was testing my
extension in Seamonkey, I thought that if it worked there I would work in
every version of Firefox.

My motivations to develop Foxgame: It was terribly boring to make a lot of
time calcs by hand and having to select an option everytime I logged in
Ogame, so I made a Greasemonkey script and some time later I was making
Foxgame as an extension.

Ramiro Aparicio

Desarrollador de FoxGame http://foxgame.mozdev.org
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> Brian King wrote:
> > Mozdev has been around since 2000 and this seems like the best group of
> > all to ask for contributions. So if you have any stories that you think
> > would fit, I'd love to hear them.
> I have a strange thing.
> In a quickie, I created a function outside of my singleton component. This
> function was called
> getCharPref(), and itwas defined like function getCharPref(blah,blah) {blah
> blah}.
> Problem: Some OTHER extension was calling it. Why? I guess it had it's own
> getCharPref, but for some
> reason MINE was being called. Was I overloading a global getCharPref?
> Should that even be possible?
> No idea. But it's definitely interesting. I could hijack other extensions
> with a perfectly "safe"
> extension. Gross. (re-tested with latest firefox).
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