[Project_owners] extension not finding out it's update

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 02:03:45 PDT 2008

Onno Ekker wrote:
> Vladimir Marek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I finally got around to creating the structures necessary for automatic
>> update upgrading. At least I thought so. It works fine on Solaris/FF
>> 2.x, but no update is found on Linux/Iceweasel and Windows/FF 3.x.
>> The package is here: http://downloads.mozdev.org/mozex/mozex-1.9.8.xpi
>> install.rdf mentions updateURL:
>> https://www.mozdev.org/p/updates/mozex/%7B01bc0112-afff-4fb5-8772-191bf35a8ffb%7D/update.rdf
>> update.rdf has section <em:version>1.9.9</em:version> and
>> <em:updateLink>http://downloads.mozdev.org/mozex/mozex-1.9.9.xpi</em:updateLink>
>> (update.rdf was created automatically by mozdev.org's system)
>> Unfortunately Live HTTP Headers extension does not show the
>> communication while updating extensions. Currently the only thing I can
>> think off is to attach debugger to ssl routines to see if it's getting
>> the proper data.
>> Could you please think off another way to find out why the updates
>> aren't working ?
>> Thank you
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> By enabling the user pref extensions.logging.enabled you can see the
> update logging in the error console.
> See also
> http://developer.mozilla.org/index.php?title=En/Setting_up_extension_development_environment&highlight=extensions.logging.enabled
> On Win/FX3 the update is ignored, because it is insecure... It needs a
> https link for the new xpi.
I realize this isn't totally true: It needs either a https link for the
new xpi or an updatehash:

    RDFItemUpdater:_parseV20Update: Update for
    {01bc0112-afff-4fb5-8772-191bf35a8ffb} at
    http://downloads.mozdev.org/mozex/mozex-1.9.9.xpi ignored because it
    is insecure. updateLink  must be a https url or an updateHash must
    be specified.

I thought downloads from mozdev can also be downloaded from https,
although FX3 gives me an error when accessing https://downloads.mozdev.org/

    Secure Connection Failed
    downloads.mozdev.org uses an invalid security certificate.
    The certificate is only valid for the following names:
      www.mozdev.org , mozdev.org , svn.mozdev.org , hg.mozdev.org ,
    (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

You'll probably have to add the updateHash if https fails.

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