[Project_owners] extension not finding out it's update

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Sun.COM
Sun Sep 7 00:24:55 PDT 2008


I finally got around to creating the structures necessary for automatic
update upgrading. At least I thought so. It works fine on Solaris/FF
2.x, but no update is found on Linux/Iceweasel and Windows/FF 3.x.

The package is here: http://downloads.mozdev.org/mozex/mozex-1.9.8.xpi
install.rdf mentions updateURL:

update.rdf has section <em:version>1.9.9</em:version> and

(update.rdf was created automatically by mozdev.org's system)

Unfortunately Live HTTP Headers extension does not show the
communication while updating extensions. Currently the only thing I can
think off is to attach debugger to ssl routines to see if it's getting
the proper data.

Could you please think off another way to find out why the updates
aren't working ?

Thank you
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