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joe ertaba belaviyo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:40:22 PDT 2008

Hi Neil

Yes I read output with correct set of chars, I can do analysis to find out
with chars are command and with are text, I wounder if there is a standard
element which can do this work (send whole chars and it show text in correct

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 6:16 PM, Neil <neil at parkwaycc.co.uk> wrote:

> joe ertaba wrote:
>  I can redirect output of some program to my extension, but when I send
>> them to textbox there are lots of unknown chars, so I wonder if there is any
>> other elements which can handle these standard commands without extra
>> programing
>> Any Idea ?
> Did you read the output using the correct character set? Command prompt
> usually uses the application charset (typically Windows-1252) although the
> chcp command can change this at least for cmd.exe itself.
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