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Thu Oct 30 03:28:15 PDT 2008

Hi Doug,

Multiple hg repos would be useful for me.. mainly for work on multiple
branches, as you suggest.

As you suggest, named branches are one solution, but are not ideal. I'm no
hg expert, but there seem to be a number of people recommending using
multiple repos instead of named branches, for the following reasons:
* More difficult to selectively push/pull changes between branches
* Apparently the cgi scripts don't differentiate between named branches -
you just get a combined chronological list of changes to all named branches
* Can't delete (or hide) named branches
* Can't rename named branches

Named branches are more useful for tagging than for branching, but they're
stuch with a slightly misleading name!

Thanks for all your great work,

2008/10/29 Douglas E. Warner <silfreed at silfreed.net>

> Stephen Lau wrote:
>> Is there a way for a project to have multiple Hg repos on mozdev?
> Separate repos?  No; the best you could do would be moving your main source
> dir into a separate directory (but hg doesn't do subdir checkouts).
> This is the second time I've been asked about this (the other was on IRC),
> so could you tell me why this would be useful?  For posting branches?  Would
> mq or named branches be a better way of doing this?
> Thanks for your help in figuring out what we should do here.
> -Doug
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