[Project_owners] multiple repos for a project

Stephen Lau stevel at songbirdnest.com
Wed Oct 29 15:14:39 PDT 2008

On 10/29/08 3:09 PM, Brian King wrote:
> Stephen Lau wrote:
>> Not quite sure how to summarise it... perhaps "separate, but related" 
>> would be the best way.  I have my project, mashTape, which in turn 
>> can be extended by having multiple providers (which are built as 
>> add-ons themselves).  I'd like to have a providers-repository to 
>> place the code for those add-ons to my add-on.  They aren't big 
>> enough to warrant their own mozdev project for each one, but I don't 
>> want to lump them into the main source repo either.
> Can't you just setup another project for the providers which would 
> give you another repos?
> - Brian
I suppose so; but my thinking was that since they don't really stand on 
their own, it would be nicer if I could encompass them under the 
mashTape mozdev project.

Given that's not currently possible, I'll probably do what you suggest 
for now :)


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