[Project_owners] Mozdev Redesign Ideas

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Fri Oct 24 12:38:00 PDT 2008

The Mozdev redesign came up in our anniversary thread, and while we might not 
be logistically ready to get started on it, we would like to get everyone's 
input on our ideas that we have.

I've setup a wiki page [1] that outlines some of ideas for the redesign.  Feel 
free to make changes there, comment, or reply to this thread.  We'd love to 
know what you think.

== MozdevRedesign2008 ==

Defn: "Mozdev User"
   * Developers trying to find out how to create a project
   * Developers trying to find out how to do something with their project
   * End-users (Firefox, Thunderbird) trying to extend their functionality

Goals for a redesign
   1. Make it easier for the above users to achieve their goals
   2. Introduce a new visual "feel" to help guide users to their goals
   3. Establish a new brand identity for Mozdev that is separate from Mozilla 
(although we want to maintain enough similarity with Mozilla sites to make it 
feel like we're all part of the same community)

Redesign ideas:
   1. Restructure home page to remove "excess information" (new projects, last 
updated) and make goals of above users easier to get into (perhaps three main 
groupings of links to help users find what they want)
   2. Reorganize information that exists at Mozdev
   3. Establish a clear separation between site and projects (eg, currently 
the left hand nav bar for site-wide links blurs into the project specific 
information and links of the main content area)


[1] http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/wiki/MozdevRedesign2008

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