[Project_owners] How to set a selected text to a text field of a side bar

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Thu Oct 23 02:58:40 PDT 2008

Silver Surfer wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I need to know about how to set a selected text to a text box in a 
> sidebar after selecting a text and click a popupmenu. Code for popupmenu 
> is in Overlay.xul file and when a menu item is clicked it execute a 
> function in another .js file. A broadcaster is also set in the 
> Overlay.xul and the sidebar is set to that broadcaster by loading ( 
> setting broadcasters url) another xul which has the code for sidebar. I 
> can get the value of selected text but I don't know a way to set that 
> value to the relevant text field of the sidebar.



- Brian

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