[Project_owners] Flash, XUL Windows, and more

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Oct 8 06:07:03 PDT 2008

For mac(to limit ui access) you might need to make an xpcom component 
that gives you access to this: 

For Windows I think you can get some way to locking things up by using 
the nsIWindowsRegistryKey: 

These might help for something like locking things up for a kid safe 


Brian King wrote:

> Hi,
> I am having some issues and hope project owners have experienced 
> something similar and found reasonable workarounds.
> A Firefox extension that opens a modal window, with Flash content 
> embedded. That window in turn opens another window with a browser for 
> web content. The browser window is sized to only fill some of the 
> screen space to allow viewing and access to the flash content under. 
> Note that putting the flash and web content in a XUL stack is not an 
> option because the web content gets distorted.
> 1) On Windows I can use the 'dependent' flag with 
> window.open/openDialog when opening the web window. This allows me to 
> click Flash content while keeping the web content on top.
> However on Mac, 'dependent' is not functional (by design), nor 
> alwaysRaised. Is there any workaround to make the 2nd window stay on 
> top while allowing click access to the window under?
> 2) (Windows) The Flash window should be modal when opened, but using 
> the modal flag means it is only modal to the opener. Other windows can 
> be accessed still. Is there any way to make a new window modal to 
> *all* open Firefox windows?
> 3) Modal works even different on Mac ... it is modal *system side* and 
> does not allow access to any open applications. But you can still 
> access their menus. In my new window, can I override the Firefox 
> menubar and/or the menubar of other applications?
> 3) window.fullscreen is not implemented on Mac.
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=370857
> Any ways to emulate it? Or failing that, disallow click on the menu or 
> dock? Or some other reasonable solution?
> Thanks,
> - Brian
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