[Project_owners] FTP Socket

Todd Whiteman twhitema at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 10:49:21 PST 2008

joe ertaba wrote:
> Hi Shivanand,
> I want to implement a ftp server base on Mozilla then use it for 
> sending/receiving file from my other PC (it is a small home computer).
> Firefox is always run on my PC, so it is good idea to implement server 
> on that.

Hi Joe,

You could use PyXPCOM and then create an extension that handles the
loading of the ftp server, re-use an existing Python ftp server would be
relatively straight forward, such as:

You'd include the pyftpdlib code in your extension, under the "pylib"
directory, then you can use PyDOM to import this code and play with it
directly, or create a Python XPCOM interface that wraps around the
necessary Python methods and is thus exposed to JavaScript.


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