[Project_owners] extension stops working under Firefox 3.0.4 -- disregard?

Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at heroes-addon.dk
Sun Nov 16 18:56:07 PST 2008

Check app.update.incompatible.mode, that is probably set on the one 
machine that "works"

can wrote:
> I have just noticed that my other machine has already updated to 3.0.4 
> without my noticing.  That means my problem must be something other 
> than a Firefox version issue.  Sorry for the false alarm, but I didn't 
> know what else to attribute the problem to.
> I guess I still have lingering questions - but not quite the same.
> (1) Is there anything I can do to trouble shoot the error message?
> (2) I would still like to know if I can prevent Firefox from updating 
> without my permission.
> Thanks again,
> can
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> Subject: [Project_owners] extension stops working under Firefox 3.0.4 
> --please help
>> Many thanks again to all the nice people who helped me with my first 
>> uninformed question.  I think this one is a little more substantive.
>> I have written my first "Hello World" Firefox extension.  I had some 
>> confusion about installing it, but I think I got that straightened 
>> out now - BUT ONLY under Firefox 3.0.3.  Yesterday, Firefox updated 
>> itself without giving me any chance to stop it (at least as far as I 
>> could tell). I now have version 3.0.4.  I didn't think that would be 
>> a big deal until I got back to trying to work on my extension.  Now, 
>> the exact same extension that works under 3.0.3 will not install 
>> under 3.0.4.
>> I have tried two install methods: (a) copy my extension directory to 
>> the Firefox profile/extensions directory (where Firefox installs), 
>> (b) set the appropriate Windows Registry key to point to a directory 
>> where I have unpacked the contents of my .xpi file.  In case (a), 
>> Firefox starts and I see *nothing* new in the Extensions window.  In 
>> case (b), Firefox starts, and I see an entry for my extension, but it 
>> is whited out and there is a message that says, "This extension is 
>> not compatible with Firefox 3.0.4."
>> I have a separate computer that (thank God), is still running 3.0.3, 
>> and everything still seems to work there.  I tried searching for 
>> posts from other people who might have encountered this problem and 
>> have come up with nothing.  Can anyone help?
>> As a related question, hopefully much easier, can someone please tell 
>> me how to stop Firefox from updating its version WITHOUT my 
>> permission?  I would expect at least an OK/Cancel box.
>> Thanks,
>> can
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