[Project_owners] extension stops working under Firefox 3.0.4 --please help

can can at ecpcorp.net
Sun Nov 16 18:38:55 PST 2008

Several of you replied with advice about "maxVersion" in the .rdf file.  Thank you, I should have mentioned that I checked this before sending my original post.  I have had maxVersion="99" for more than a week now.

As I said, I now have one machine where the extension installs, and one where it does not.  Originally I thought there was a difference in the Firefox version, but I was wrong.  They are both at 3.0.4.

It would be great to know if there is a way to get something more informative than "This extension is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.4."   Otherwise I am just going to wipe everything clean on the non-functioning machine and try again hoping there was some kind of pilot error the first time.

I'd still like to know how I can prevent Firefox automatic updates without permission.

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  you'll have an install.rdf file in your extensio xpi. Search for the string "maxversion" without quotes. this is the string that decides the compatibility of your addon with the version of firefox. If you are just testing you can bump it up to 300. But a valid version can be pulled from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/pages/appversions

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