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Sat Nov 8 13:53:44 PST 2008


I want to know what is the best method for naming variables,...

*Please suggest naming for these conditions:*

My Application name: *MyApp*
My current XUL window name: *MyMainXUL*

then what is the best name for these :

What is the best name for main window id :
My choice is  id="*MyApp.MyMainXUL*"
What is the best name for main window title (id for localization)=
My choice is  title="&*MyApp.MyMainXUL.Title*;"
What is the best name for pref in Js file:
pref("*MyApp.MyMainXUL.SomePrefName*", "*PrefValue*");

What is the best name for one element in main xul file (all ??? cases):
<menubar id="???">
  <menu id="???" label="&???;">

<tabbox id="???" >                       //My choice is *
        <tab label="&???;"/>            //My choice is *MyApp.MyMainXUL.**
        <tab label="&???;"/>            //My choice is *MyApp.MyMainXUL.**
            <textbox id="???" value="&???;"  />     //My choice for id is *
choice for value is *MyApp.MyMainXUL.**Tabbox1.Tab1.Textbox1*

I think these example will show all possible cases, please add some more if
you think they couldn't support all conditions.

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