[Project_owners] some notes about file management

alta88[nntp] alta88 at gmail.com
Fri May 30 08:16:14 PDT 2008

i'm having trouble getting  MoreLayoutsforThunderbird released 
to the next version.  it's listed as No Extension, so there 
must be some error somewhere - where can one look?  it has a 
.xpi extension, version has gone to 2.0pre (for Tb3.0pre), 
min/max Tb is 3.0a1 to 3.0.* and i've added updateInfoURL.

in general, it feels clunky using File Management.
1.if i already have an updateInfoURL in the install.rdf, then 
on click of the url link it should show it in the dialog.  if 
i cancel, it shouldn't say 'saved'.  did i save a blank?
2.if there's any parsing error etc. that fails the extension 
it has to be displayed.
3.if an install.rdf contains an entry for updateURL pointing 
to a valid update.rdf, then perhaps a column can state that. 
only then would one need to Generate an update.rdf url..

thanks. it's mostly great, just needs some tuning.

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