[Project_owners] Anyone interested? Extension Minimizer Tool

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Mon May 19 01:37:00 PDT 2008

Eric H. Jung wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Project_owners] Anyone interested? Extension Minimizer Tool
>> Wouldn't it be much better if Firefox/Thunderbird could download the 
>> required locals only.  I think this was going to be part of the new 
>> extension manager but I don't know if it's has been completed yet.
> Sure that would be better, but Firefox doesn't do that in FF2 and FF3. Hence the need for the tool.

You can use extension dependencies for extension language packs. But 
that doesn't really make the installation process painless.

You could probably hack something up to make AMO and possibly mozdev 
package up langpacks and the add-on itself into a multi-item xpi on demand.

Not sure if there's a bug on that yet.

Sadly, the extension langpacks suffer from the same problem that the app 
langpacks suffer, i.e., updates are broken.


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