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 Eric H. Jung wrote:

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I don't think size is the problem, but unused strings will cause unnecessary
work and delay for existing and new localizations.

Size is a problem, but I'd forgotten and the unnecessary work and delay for
translators. Thanks for pointing that out!

Still I think size is no problem. Even with the numbers you give your
extension won't get 100K bigger from unused compressed strings, but even so:
what's the problem? Storage? Download time? Are you afraid people won't
download it, because of the size?
If so, you could consider leaving out the localizations and offer them as
separate downloads. It seems like Enigmail does that too, when you look at
the Thunderbird tags on mozdev:

Also a tool which checks for unused variables or variables used only once
could help preventing bugs in your extension (or in firefox, thunderbird,
etc... itself). Perl does this, and it helps to catch tpyos...

Yes, this would be valuable but is outside the scope of my current proposal.
Please file a new bug if you'd like to see such a tool instead of trying to
hijack mine :)

I was just trying to help, but now that you mention hijacking: that's a
thought. What was the URL of your bug again? :o)

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