[Project_owners] Secure installation of extensions, Project overview pages, and file release system

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Wed Mar 26 11:11:36 PDT 2008

Mozdev.org has released a number of new features to allow projects to securely 
install their applications and allow users to find information about projects 

Each project has an overview page that prominently displays links to all of a 
projects tools as well as highlighting each of a project's extensions and 
their latest releases.  Since this page is served from a secure site the 
extensions linked from this page make use of InstallTrigger to verify that 
the file is downloaded correctly by comparing the file's hash.

Each project's overview page is at a URL with the following format:
ex: https://www.mozdev.org/projects/overview/www/

In order to have your extensions linked from this page, you'll need to make 
use of our new file management tool to mark files as released and verify the 
hash for the file (documentation [2]):

Mozdev will be linking to the new project overview page from the main 
www.mozdev.org site in various locations such as the active project list and 
top 50 page.

We hope this new feature brings both project owners and users a new level of 
comfort knowing the extensions are installed properly and enables users to 
find project information more quickly.


[1] https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=17302
[2] http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/wiki/MozdevDownloadReleases

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