[Project_owners] Two recent defections to code.google.com (Calculator & SQLite Manager)

Mrinal Kant mrinal.kant at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 06:49:09 PDT 2008

Hi all,
Reasons for jumping ship (in order of decreasing importance to me):
1. no cvs needed (for me that meant wincvs too) on code.google.com
(hereafter referred to as cgc) because I was mainly interested in
uploading downloads and www stuff only.
2. no cvs means I can update the pages from any machine. This is
important because I move between 3 machines on average days. But,
given the number of changes I make, this may be only a psychological
3. fewer accounts/passwords to manage/remember because, in any case, I
use google stuff (mail, reader, docs, groups) all the time. As of now,
my extension requires me to use 4 accounts: amo, mozdev, mozillazine &
gmail. I hope to bring that to 2: amo, google (code, groups & mail).
4. Not sure about this: I can add milestone release for issues on cgc
which I could not for bugs on mozdev on my own. See 1 below.
5. Default look and feel is better than at mozdev. This point does not
count as a valid reason for me because I had customized my extension's
homepage already. But, a very relevant point for a newcomer. However,
see 2 below.
6. You can label a download/wiki as featured and it appears on the
project's main page on cgc. Not a big point though.
7. Ability to mark downloads as deprecated on cgc.

Downsides of the jump (in order of increasing importance):
1. I find bugzilla far superior to Issues; but point 4 above is
important too. Also, users of my extension hardly used bugzilla; so,
never mind.
2. Infinitely (figuratively, I mean) better than cgc in the
flexibility I got on mozdev to determine the look, feel and
organization of the files within the sqlitemanager.mozdev.org
3. Had I begun at google rather than at mozdev, I guess my extension
wouldn't manage the exposure/attention it got, however little. That is
why, I am not surrendering my privileges at mozdev yet. And
freshcomers should weigh this point too.

If I have missed anything, I will add it later.


On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 4:01 PM, Philip Chee <philip.chee at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Recently I noticed that two projects have defected to code.google.com:
>  http://calculator.mozdev.org/
>  http://sqlitemanager.mozdev.org/
>  What advantage does google hold over mozdev? What can mozdev do to make
>  it more attractive to extension developers?
>  Marc & Mirinal: What made you jump ship? What problems were you facing
>  with mozdev?
>  Phil
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