[Project_owners] Can't get update to work

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 04:14:07 PST 2008


I thought I understood how Thunderbird checks for updates, but it doesn't
work for my extension, so I must do something wrong. I've looked over it a
couple of times, removed all the signing stuff, rereleased and reinstalled
original version, waited for mirrors to sync, etc, but it still doesn't

This is what I have done:
- forward-0.1-tb.xpi contains an install.rdf with updateurl
- update.rdf contains information for version 0.2, with updatelink
- forward-0.2-tb.xpi is the new version

Do I misunderstand the way Thunderbird looks for updates, or doesn one of
the files contain wrong information?

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my logic?

Can someone please tell me how I can debug/monitor the update process? That
is, on Windows, with a normal Thunderbird build? At the moment it's a
blackbox: I click "Find updates" and Thunderbird says: "No updates were
found." I can't see what URL's it is checking and what it does with the
returned information...

Can someone please look at the files and tell me what's wrong with them?
They can all be downloaded from http://downloads.mozdev.org/forward

I know I'm not the first having problems with updates, and hate to give in
my attempts to figure it out, but it's causing me too much time, and I have
the feeling I'm missing something...

Thanks in advance,

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