[Project_owners] FF3 tooltip positioning

Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at selvet.dk
Tue Mar 4 22:06:22 PST 2008

There is a lot of attributes to position of tooltip.
Maybe one of them works right?

Saleem Shafi wrote:
> hello all..
> i'm just coming off a sleep-deprived night of trying to figure out why 
> my firefox plugin's statusbarpanel no longer displays the tooltip in 
> FF 3b3..  turns out that the tooltip works just fine, it just doesn't 
> position very well so when the Firefox window is maximized or too 
> close to the bottom of the screen, the tooltip disappears..  even when 
> the bottom of the window is sufficiently lifted off the bottom of the 
> screen, the tooltip ends up rendering below the window instead of 
> above it..
> i double-checked and this happens in FF2, as well, except that FF2 
> seems to recognize that the tooltip won't display properly when the 
> window is too close the to bottom of the screen and then positions the 
> tooltip above the element instead of below..  any idea if there's a 
> work-around for this?  or where i should submit a bug for it?
> thanks,
> Saleem.
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