[Project_owners] FF3 tooltip positioning

Saleem Shafi saleemshafi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 14:51:06 PST 2008

hello all..

i'm just coming off a sleep-deprived night of trying to figure out why my
firefox plugin's statusbarpanel no longer displays the tooltip in FF 3b3..
turns out that the tooltip works just fine, it just doesn't position very
well so when the Firefox window is maximized or too close to the bottom of
the screen, the tooltip disappears..  even when the bottom of the window is
sufficiently lifted off the bottom of the screen, the tooltip ends up
rendering below the window instead of above it..

i double-checked and this happens in FF2, as well, except that FF2 seems to
recognize that the tooltip won't display properly when the window is too
close the to bottom of the screen and then positions the tooltip above the
element instead of below..  any idea if there's a work-around for this?  or
where i should submit a bug for it?


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