[Project_owners] SPAM?: Re: My first project

Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at selvet.dk
Mon Mar 3 11:10:35 PST 2008

No idea what was written in the language file, but it just looks kinda 
Dodaje opcje &Bezpośrednio / Jako załącznik& do przycisku 
Przekaż i menu kontekstowego wiadomości.

Piecu wrote:
> Onno Ekker pisze:
>> Just the other day I finished and release the first version of my 
>> first project ever.
> Congratulations!
>> Since I'm quite new at this, and not sure if it works on all 
>> platforms and all targeted versions, I'd like to ask you all to test 
>> my extension for me.
> Tb, Win XP, Polish - works fine.
>> Could some of you please test my extension on different versions and 
>> platforms and also check the website? Any and all feedback is 
>> appreciated.
> I'm sending you polish translation, can you include it in a package?
> One small suggestion - can you do an upper case of the first character 
> of each option in a button menu (as you did on a message context 
> menu)? In polish translation of Tb these options are written lower 
> case which doesn't look good. Thank you.
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