[Project_owners] Updated VCS log pages (/source.html)

Atte Kemppilä atte.kemppila at iki.fi
Fri Jun 6 23:17:36 PDT 2008

On Friday June 6 2008 19:31:20 Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> The format of the VCS logs has changed slightly to be more compatible with
> the new VCSes we will be implementing soon.  If you have a chance, please
> take the time to check out your /source.html page and let us know if you
> experience any problems.

my local.conf:

$local_conf_commits = OFF;
$local_conf_no_no_commits_message = OFF;

my source.html:

Today’s VCS Commits for the savefileto project
There are no commits for the specified period

Bug or are you just testing?

Atte Kemppilä

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