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massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Jul 30 13:12:00 PDT 2008

Douglas E. Warner wrote:

> I've added (and resolved) bug#19650 [1] to allow releasing .tar.gz and
>.tar.bz2 files under "Other Files".
Thanks! That goes a long way to making that page less confusing, actualy 
having  something under 'Downloads'

>>Is there a way for me to edit that page(
>>https://www.mozdev.org/projects/overview/kiosk/ ) so that users dont
>>think there are no items for download for my project?
>No; this page is meant to be a controlled page where users can expect the same 
>format across all projects rather than a general place for projects to make 
>changes.  We're definitely interested in improving it where we can; so if you 
>have ideas on how they can be improved feel free to discuss them here or file 
It sure would be nice if a project owner could decide if the overview 
was used or atleast add some text.

>>I also notice that this seems to affect many projects that have not yet
>>used the file managment interface. Maybe it can be made so that if no
>>'release' has been made then a link on the 'active' or 'inactive' will
>>just take the user to the projects home page instead of telling
>>(potential) users that nothing has been released for a given project?
>The first link on the page is a link to the project home page (the "Home" link 
>with the icon).  Perhaps this isn't prominent or clear enough?  I'm not sure 
>how it could be improved, feel free to give us your ideas.
I though I did give my idea(s) in the above quote - if nothing has been 
'released' via the file management UI why should that page even be 
shown? Apparently it is confusing to the surfer just looking for 
something. They get to that page and see 'Downloads' and when clicked 
they are told there are none - which may not be true, as is the case for 
a large number of projects that have not used the file management 
interface. Now having been told there are no downloads available why 
would they continue trying other links?

So my suggestions for improvment are:
A) If there are no downloads 'released' then just take people to the 
project home page instead.
B) Allow the project owner to decide whether the 
project/overview/ProjectName page is used for their project. Curently, 
as far as I can tell, you can only get to the overview page from the 
active or inactive projects list. I suppose project owners can add a 
link to this page from their project page(s) if they choose?
C) allow some amout of control of what text is displayed on the overview 
D) Make the Home, source and list links obvious as to what they link to. 
Maybe just a wording change? I guess it would also be good to give an 
indication that overview/projectName is _not_ the projects home, its 
more of a downloads page, right?

Probably just suggestion A) would go a long way to removing the 
confusion created by telling users that there are no downloads available.

Don't get ne wrong I think the idea of the overview(or Secure Downloads) 
page is great and allows people a way to release addons for ff3 without 
the AMO mess.



>[1] https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=19650
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