[Project_owners] AMO : Improving the Review/Editorial Process

John Woods johnrw at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 15:00:31 PDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 4:44 PM, Robert Kaiser <KaiRo at kairo.at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I don't agree with John Woods that we should auto-publicize extensions
>> that languish in the sandbox, but I do think we should recognize that
>> review, as currently constituted, does not accomplish the goal of
>> expediently publicizing good extensions (nor, for that matter, filtering
>> bad ones), and AMO should be looking for ways to accomplish that goal
>> outside of the current review system.
> I fully agree here. Maybe we can be more aggressive on making a number of
> developers "trusted", meaning they can circumvent the sandbox, if they get
> enough reviews that are positive enough or have provided well-reviewed
> add-ons for a certain time, kept track with current releases of the
> respective products, etc.
> This might reduce the number of add-ons that even need review while still
> keeping a level of security and trust on AMO.
> We should not play lightheartedly with trust, but I think there are certain
> criteria we can derive such trust from, and a huge number of the regulars in
> here for example would surely be trustworthy enough to get their stuff
> public without peer review.
> We probably should concentrate the sandbox and reviews more on those in the
> add-ons community that are not that experienced and not that well-known
> instead of burdening those people with it of which we actually know that
> they are trying to make the best and most trustworthy add-ons they are able
> to produce, and have shown that for quite some time.
> Robert Kaiser
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I already pointed out my extension is #33. It should have been grandfathered
in as a trusted extension on that alone. In days gone past, I could
just log in to
irc... shake the tree a little... and solve my problem. But really,
any continuance
of the sandbox, without a limit being placed on it's known failures...
is not going
to solve anything. Especially for any new talent arriving on the scene.

Accepting solutions that leave some classes of contributors out... are
not solutions.
It's just playing  favorites... to some.

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