[Project_owners] AMO vs. mozdev was: Awaiting extension upgrade approval

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 21:30:52 PDT 2008

Myk Melez wrote:
> Godmar Back wrote:
>> Related to the AMO approval thread:
>> Could somebody summarize what the advantages of hosting on AMO are as
>> compared to hosting at mozdev?
> Besides the advantages John listed, AMO focuses on distribution to the 
> hundreds of millions of Mozilla users, while Mozdev focuses on tools for 
> project owners, so they have very different target audiences.
> I see them as complementary.  Mozdev is the place to host your project, 
> while AMO is the place to distribute it.  So I recommend "hosting" on both.
> And despite all the bitter vitriol by inveterate MoFo/MoCo-haters, 

Ridiculous!  Our criticism has *nothing* to do with hate, but everything 
  with the limitation we run (ran) into.

> AMO 
> has made a significant positive impact in the web experience for Mozilla 
> users and has been a good thing for Mozdev as well, since its ease of 
> use and attention to security expands the pool of users willing to try 
> the extensions developed here.

Totally irrelevant for developers here.

> Nevertheless, it's true that the AMO review process is broken.  

So we're all on one line here. Cool.

> It's 
> been getting better, though.  For example, extensions no longer need 
> review to be visible on the site (users just need to log in to install 
> them).

MoFo should not try to act as foster parent, but embrace all project 
owners equally, just like they did in the past. An open mind, a bit of 
vision so that we can do the things we like, without getting payed a 
cent, just the way we want. Not the other way round.

> So rather than giving up on it, the better thing to do would be to 
> continue to press our concerns with the AMO dev team.  That'll do much 
> more to get our extensions distributed to our users than simply giving 
> up on AMO and distributing from Mozdev (no matter how much effort we 
> expend, at significant opportunity cost, to improve Mozdev distribution).
> -myk

I rather see a fully independent entity taking control of all this.  If 
that's not mozdev.org it'll have to be someone else.


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