[Project_owners] AMO vs. mozdev was: Awaiting extension upgrade approval

John Woods johnrw at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 11:25:28 PDT 2008

Well I did some reading... and there is a way for "some" authors to
have automatic
approval... if an author requests it. I think the email address is
amo-editors at mozilla.org
or editors-amo at mozilla.org or some such. My extension is the thirty
third one ever hosted
by update.mozilla.org... and since I have been through most of the
growing pains as alot of
us here have been...  I don't like being forced to beg by some Johnny
come latelies for a
compatibility release approval.

I refuse to do it.

Someone wants to challenge my reputation... fine. Do it.
But don't leave my stuff in http://purgatory.addons.mozilla.org
while approving someone who begs better but has been in the queue
a shorter time than mine as happened on THIS list this morning...

Here is my way to avoid this...
Automatic approval based on time expiration...
If I submit on July 1, amo has 2 weeks to review it.
(It should even publish an email of extensions reaching automatic
approval to it's own Editors so they can act on unknown extensions.)

Problems solved... and I can upload it and forget it... instead of
seeing reviews that say great... but still no cigar on approval.

Amo is not supposed to stand in the way of extensions THEY
don't like or care about... (it is those users that matter most, right?)

Compatibility releases are for the users that ALREADY have
an extension installed... but disabled by Master Browser....

Either make amo work... in an unbiased way... or hire people
to do the job. 8 million downloads in a day... with a greater and greater
load of extension dependency, and it's approval process falling on volunteers
is plainly not sufficient.

I raised this issue once before... and someone from mozilla.org assured
me mozilla had hired more people for the review process.

Btw, Since I recently discovered that google cuts mozilla.org
advertisement revenue
for searches originating from the built in search box... I finally
understand why
the Googlebar got so "unloved" over there. Even still, the built in
Search Box...
can't touch the utility value of the Googlebar.

Sorry for unloading on ya... :)
On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 1:34 PM, David Boswell <davidwboswell at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Could somebody summarize what the advantages of hosting on
>> AMO are as compared to hosting at mozdev?
> I think AMO and mozdev have two very different audiences.  AMO is intended to be a site where end users download add-ons and mozdev is a place where developers create add-ons (plus create other things such as applications, community portals...).  You can see this in what the sites offer.  For instance, AMO doesn't provide bugzilla, CVS/HG or other developer tools, but it does offer a number of tools for developers to promote their projects.
> I think the best solution to the current frustration people are talking about is to figure out how to get the two sites to work together.  For instance, we could have a way for mozdev project owners to easily add and update their projects on AMO.  This sort of integration has been talked about for a long time, but it's a matter of making it happen.
> It would be great for project owners to write down how they'd like to see mozdev and AMO integrate to make their lives easier and then we can work with the AMO team to try to make this happen.
> David
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