[Project_owners] Awaiting extension upgrade approval

John Woods johnrw at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 09:35:05 PDT 2008

I think he went to Redmond... but he has not stayed...

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 11:30 AM, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk,
MultiZilla <mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> John Woods wrote:
>> Michael,
>> It is funny you should ask, because the very first extension I ever
>> installed was multizilla.
> Oh, you're *that* John ;)
> Seriously, I was trying to get to the bottom of the problem.  Eager to learn
> what the exact problem is, especially since I don't remember having these
> kind of problems and I was after all the one that asked the mozdev.org crew
> to fix this for me.

Well, the problem is amo has 'toughened' up the review process... where only
certain extensions seem to be getting reviewed quickly while others do not.

I personally, think they(amo) should not have a license to prevent an
extension's distribution
indefinitely. Once a new version is submitted for the "review"... if
nobody reviews it...
it should be allowed to go public after a period of time. If they are
going to claim they
cannot review all submissions... and don't want to hire staff for the
job... then they would
be forced to review the ones that are going public "by expiration",
before that happened.

The only circumstance that might NOT qualify for that rule, would be a
totally new author
with no previous history. But once someone actually does Something,
and that something
is not a Blue Meanie... you have a certain reference to use when
asking the question...
who is this person?

Firfox without extensions is a joke.
As they pull more and more functionality Out of browser and leave it
on extensions to
make up the difference... that will become even more the case.

I am not using FF3, so any reduced functionality on that version will
not be noticed
by myself. I did notice Google's News page trying to make people feel
guilty for
not upgrading. Upgrade? For what? So I must lose Google's own BrowserSync?


but then there's those who want to keep it alive... here and elsewhere...

but I digress...


>> Then, somewhere along the line, Googlebar broke my browser. After I
>> fixed it, I took it on
>> myself to try and make sure those kinds of breakages didn't happen
>> anymore.
>> Wound up becoming project owner, when AndyEd landed a paying job at
>> Microsoft.
> At Microsoft?  In Ireland perhaps (I got my offer a few weeks ago).
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I would think they would have put him under a microscope to study. An
Open Source subject! Finally... we can analyze what makes one tick!
Kidding aside... his open source works did precede him.

I owe AndyEd alot. He would throw me bones... that turned out to be gems.
Knoppix was one. Back when no one really heard about it. I still use Knoppix as
my primary desktop. Since Ntfs reading and writting is mostly worked
out, in 5.1.1
I've been able to use it without having to boot Windows to do one
thing. The kicker,
was when I could connect to my wireless printer and print.

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