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Steve Lambert steve at visitsteve.com
Tue Jul 8 06:38:19 PDT 2008

I'll just chime in quickly here because I can't help it.  I am  
normally not a complainer, I swear...

I've had an add-on nominated for over 2 months.


Before FF3 (which we are still working on making it compatible with)  
we had 1,200 active users.  The plugin has been written about in the  
NY Times.  I could go on...

I'm currently maintaining two releases - one on our own servers  
signed with the mccoy tool which is time consuming, and this AMO  

I only learned about mozdev recently and hoping it will make our  
process easier.

We've got about 5-10 really smart people working on development and  
barriers created by lack of documentation are amazing.  We should be  
able to figure this stuff out, but when you get to a certain level,  
it feels like it's all insider knowledge that you have to tease out  
of people on irc.

I'll stop there... thanks for letting me vent a little.


Steve Lambert
Eyebeam Senior Fellow

On Jul 8, 2008, at 2:31 AM, Ramiro Aparicio wrote:

> I think AMO is important and with the increased interaction on  
> firefox 3 it is more important than ever, the idea es to have a  
> repository with all extension, themes... which is great but if  
> every extension update has to wait for 3-4 weeks to be reviewed  
> then thats your bottleneck, and it should be done something to  
> address that problem, also the bag instead FIFO system really  
> sucks, at least try to promote the older unreviewed extensions or  
> whatever.
> In my case a extension with more than 120.000 users (AMO stats)  
> have been waiting in the bag for 3 weeks, the last weekend I  
> released an update to fix a bunch of bugs and we will see when it  
> will be reviewed.
> And Onno, releasing in advance of FF release would be a great idea  
> if they stop making last minute changes, I had to change a lot of  
> code between RC1 and RC2 becouse of the new security restrictions  
> that were added and 3 days before download day I was filling a bug  
> due to a regression in RC3.
> I don't know whats the best system probably you don't have to pay  
> for reviewers, but make a good campaign to get more, give them  
> points for reviews and let them get some free merchandising with  
> the points, and probably you will reduce the problem a lot.
> Hasta Otra
> Ramiro Aparicio
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> On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 3:13 AM, Onno Ekker <o.e.ekker at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 4:29 AM, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk,  
> MultiZilla <mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> AMO isn't an absolute necessity to release new versions of your  
> software. Surely you must know that by now, especially since you  
> post here ;)
> You don't need AMO, but it helps greatly getting your extention to  
> end users. I have a small Thunderbird extension and had about 2  
> downloads a day on mozdev, 5 on AMO before going public and now 30...
> Most end users on AMO won't go looking for an update on your  
> project website. They won't even realize there might be a newer  
> version there, or in the sandbox.
> I would however like to advise you to open your favorite IRC proggy  
> and go beg for support (insert you devils smiley here).  Now  
> seriously, this has got to change a.s.a.p.  I agree. And totally!
> Project owners could have helped to take the strain from editors  
> too, by not waiting for the next major release to update their add- 
> on, but starting with it as soon as the first alpha was released  
> (or even before that). Once an extension is compatible (and  
> reviewed), you only need to bump maxVersion if it stays compatible  
> and no further reviewing is necessary for that. Some project owners  
> probably have done that, but others have waited too long and now  
> suffer the consequences of that.
> If you don't like the way AMO/reviewing is working, it might be an  
> idea to file a bug for it. Or vote for one, if you can find an  
> existing one. But (all/most?) reviewers are volunteers, just like  
> you and me, and they do their best to review each add-on.
> Onno
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