[Project_owners] Grids

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 14:18:48 PDT 2008


I have in my xul two grids with two columns each, both in a seperate 
groupbox. I'd like both columns of both grids to have the same width, 
but I can't seem to find the width of the current columns.

   nodelist = document.getElementsByTagName('row');
   for (var i = 0; i < nodelist.length; i++) {
     var width1 = nodelist[i].firstChild.boxObject.width; dump(width1);
     var width2 = nodelist[i].lastChild.boxObject.width; dump(width2);

width1 and width2 are always 0.

Is it possible at all to get and set these widths?
Is there another way to calculate the width of the label?
Or should I get the length of the label's values and then set width to x


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