[Project_owners] Project tagging available

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sun Jan 13 14:08:50 PST 2008

Neil wrote:

> Eric H. Jung wrote:
>> Maybe you could publish the code so we can all hack away at it? I did 
>> "View Source" on the page
>> but don't see the related JS
> The version on mozdev appears to be a whitespace-stripped version of 
> this:
> http://www.alcoholwang.cn/jquery/jQuery.jTagging.js
> Not that that's any more readable...

According to Venkman jQuery is just abysmally slow. For instance, 
jQuery.extend was only called 108 times in my sample but each call lasts 
2/13ths of a second thus over 16 seconds was spent in that function. By 
comparison, jQuery.attr executes in 2ms but unfortunately since it's 
called 12528 times in my sample that adds up to over 25 seconds. (attr 
calls other methods but that only adds another 4 seconds.) One of the 
anonymous functions in jQuery.jTagging is even slower but I can't tell 
which it is.

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