[Project_owners] Project tagging available

Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 12:50:13 PST 2008

--- Neil <neil at parkwaycc.co.uk> wrote:

> Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> >You will be asked to login with your CVS username and password
> >
> I failed to see any link to logout, although it was easy enough to guess 
> the correct URL.
> The tags code seems to eat far too much of my poor PIII's CPU time; 
> updating the tags on both keydown and keyup doesn't help but both are 
> wrong anyway as the correct event is of course the input event. (Sorry 
> but I couldn't work out who the author of the code was.)

I've got a much beefier machine than that, and the page still brings the machine to its knees.
Maybe you could publish the code so we can all hack away at it? I did "View Source" on the page
but don't see the related JS... perhaps it's being loaded via ajax; I didn't have time to dig that

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