[Project_owners] Mozdev.org PHP 5 upgrade; update code for register_globals = off

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Sat Jan 12 18:46:18 PST 2008

I hope I've got something wrong...

I tried the php snippet above in a testing directory which seems to be
entirely destructive.
                               echo $$__v, " | ", $__v, " | ", $__sg, "\n";
before the unset() line seems to suggest that a lot of the Mozdev internals
like $page are also scrubbed - I didn't get any output at all from the page
I was trying to load.

(I was trying to test:
) where I thought I was expecting the latter to work but the former not to.

More generally, if I read
http://uk.php.net/manual/en/language.variables.predefined.php correctly then
$_GET['foo'] is okay (this wasn't what I understood from the original
message) but $REMOTE_ADDR has to be replaced by $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] It
also seems to suggest $HTTP_*_VARS is acceptable (though discouraged) given
the default value of register_long_arrays.

Have I entirely misunderstood what's changing / what's required?

All the best,


On 10/01/2008, Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman <buanzo at buanzo.com.ar> wrote:
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> Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> | One of the biggest changes that will come about with this change is that
> PHP's
> | register_globals flag will be set to "off".  This will have wide impact
> on
> I'd love to see suhosin installed, and allow_url_fopen = Off in php.net be
> set, too! Properly
> tunned, suhosin can be a WONDERFUL thing for mod_php.
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