[Project_owners] Window Print crashes firefox v3.x

Nathaniel Jayme nbjayme at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 14:22:16 PST 2008

Hello Nickolay and all,

> This is unrelated but interesting (the code you
> posted looks OK),
> could you follow-up in the older thread with a more
> detailed
> explanation of the problem?
I'm sorry as I have already deleted the thread in my
mail box.  That was the time when I (foolishly) made a
very large attachment.  

I tested the code in firefox 1.5.x, 2.x, and 3.x and
have the same bad result.  My app constantly calls the
function, with the culprit code. After a while
switching from different page to another, firefox will
no longer become responsive but didn't crash.  Same
thing with xulrunner build as of january.  I cannot
run the latest xulrunner because I have an old version
of gtk and xulrunner requires gtk 2.10.

> Does Firefox 2 crash on the same configuration?
Surprisingly, Firefox 2.x - the latest official
release, worked well.  window.print() and some
snatched code from printUtils work fine.  Too bad it
doesn't have the -app option but it's a minor thing.

> What build of Firefox 3 (check with the latest
> nightly)? Did you
> submit a crash report via breakpad? Post it's ID
> here (available via
> about:crashes in the recent nightly builds).

Firefox fully crashed. I recently ran firefox in the
terminal and got these:

** (Gecko:5206): CRITICAL **: smooth_draw_box:
assertion `width >= -1' failed
/home/nbjayme/firefox3.x/firefox-bin: symbol lookup
error: /home/nbjayme/firefox3.x/libxul.so: undefined
symbol: gtk_print_settings_new

(my version of gtk?)

> You shouldn't work around crashes in beta versions
> of Firefox, instead
> they should be reported to b.m.o so that they can be
> fixed in the
> application itself.
> Nickolay

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