[Project_owners] jslib problems with SuiteRunner

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 22:46:05 PST 2008

The Cookie Panel extension on first invocation detects that jslib is not
installed and then attempts to download and install it. However it tries
to fetch jslib from:
However the installation fails with "unknown or malformed install.rdf".
I have manually downloaded this file and determined that the install.rdf
is indeed missing from this version of JSlib.

This problem can be worked around by manually downloading the current
jslib.xpi, bumping the maxVersion to 2.0.* and then d'n'd on to SeaMonkey.

Further more could the jslib developers increase the maxVersion for
SeaMonkey to 2.0.* (or at least 2.0a1)?


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