[Project_owners] Softpedia

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 00:43:25 PDT 2008


Just after releasing an update for my adopted ThreadKey extension on AMO
I got this "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia" mail. It looks
genuine enough, but I wonder what I should do with it. Maybe the only
thing it will do, is get some more links to the extension page, so a bit
higher ranking on google when people search on the name? Not harmful,
but it doesn't strike me as very useful either.

And I wonder what I have done to get this listing. ThreadKey is an
adopted extension, so maybe the creator did add it to Softpedia?

Do other project owners also get these "awards"? And what do you do with

Also last week I stumbled upon Add-ons Mirror, or AMI. I'd seen that
site before, but never paid too much attention to it. Do other project
owners use it to publish there extension? Does it help?


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