[Project_owners] Projects overview page

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 14:36:30 PDT 2008

massey wrote:
> Douglas E. Warner wrote:
>> The first link on the page is a link to the project home page (the 
>> "Home" link with the icon).  Perhaps this isn't prominent or clear 
>> enough?  I'm not sure how it could be improved, feel free to give us 
>> your ideas.
> I though I did give my idea(s) in the above quote - if nothing has 
> been 'released' via the file management UI why should that page even 
> be shown? Apparently it is confusing to the surfer just looking for 
> something. They get to that page and see 'Downloads' and when clicked 
> they are told there are none - which may not be true, as is the case 
> for a large number of projects that have not used the file management 
> interface. Now having been told there are no downloads available why 
> would they continue trying other links?
> So my suggestions for improvment are:
> A) If there are no downloads 'released' then just take people to the 
> project home page instead.
The downloads from the overview page was only the first step for the 
total project mockup, which would also show some statistics and other 
project info...


I'm not sure though when the statistics and graphs will be added though...


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