[Project_owners] drupal forums help

Marcello Testi m.testi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 10:20:35 PDT 2008

Il giorno 23/apr/08, alle ore 19:11, Eric H. Jung ha scritto:

> I've just discovered that people can post to my drupal forums after  
> registering and the post appears just fine. But replies to posts  
> don't appear unless (1) they confirm their email address or (2) I  
> approve ("publish") the post. How can I permit registered users to  
> post replies without having to approve their email address?
> Actually, I'd like to allow anonymous users to post new thread and  
> new replies, but I cannot get that to work even with the recent  
> discussion.

I think it's the comment module permissions that rule how forum  
replies are handled.
I can't check right now, but let me know later if you need further help.


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