[Project_owners] Can't get anonymous post to drupal forum to work

wa84it wa84it at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 04:53:10 PDT 2008

On 23 Apr 2008 at 6:03, Onno Ekker wrote:
> I already did this too, but this setting is only for comments on forms, not for new 
> topics.
> Now anonymous users can start a new topic without CAPTCHA and need CAPTCHA to 
> comment on an existing topic. I want to allow them to start a new topic, but only 
> with CAPTCHA enabled...

Sorry for misunderstanding. Check the 'Add CAPTCHA 
adminstration links to forms' at the top of the CAPTCHA page, and 
CAPTCHA will show up on every page where you can place 
one(when you are logged in as admin).  It's collapsed, so you 
need to click CAPTCHA and then choose your type.  The page is 
called 'forum_node_form', but I don't know how else you can add 

wa84it at gmail.com

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