[Project_owners] mozdev Forums vs mozillaZine

Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 14:25:19 PDT 2008


Here are my two cents.

>You are right, they only say it's best to point to a forum. I'm just not sure what would be the best forum to use.

Having a thread on mozillazine is not good IMHO because:

1. Topics cannot be threaded; everything is in a single thread
2. Users cannot subscribe to individual threads (the ones they are interested in) to get email notifications of replies. They must either subscribe to the entire thread and get spammed about topics about your extension they don't care about, or not subscribe at all. The latter is extremely annoying because then the user has to keep checking mozillazine for replies relevant to his question. Additionally, when searching for replies to his post, he has to wade through many irrelevant posts/pages.
3. "Search" isn't as good IMHO on mozillazine on a per-thread basis as it is with Drupal forums.
4. Users are forced to register at mozillazine in order to post. They have to provide an email address, confirm the email address, etc. That's really annoying if you want to comment on something once about an extension and don't plan to be an active commenter. With Drupal forums, you can configure Drupal so that people don't have to register in order to post. You can further configure Drupal so that anonymous (non-registered users) must solve a CAPTCHA puzzle in order to post -- this minimizes spam quite well.

>And I have the same uncertainty about other pages on my project website. On the main index.html every project has a What's new, for example, >but it would probably be more logical to Blog what's new.

Personally, I never used the "What's New" section of the mozdev template for my mozdev projects. I would blog about it if I were in your shoes; people can subscribe to your blog but not the "What's New" section. Alternatively, you can make posts to your forum announcing new features. That's what I've typically done only because I'm not a blogger :)

>Also by putting my extension on AMO, it now has two download locations. It may be best to keep it that way, so I can more easily release new >versions first on mozdev, than to the AMO sandbox and finally to AMO public, but I'm not sure about that either...

I have very mixed feelings about this and am undecided right now. FWIW, mozdev will soon (hopefully this year) have tight integration with AMO. Although the details aren't fleshed out, this means, among other things, you should be able to release your XPI on mozdev, and it will automatically be updated on AMO. Statistics integration with AMO between our two dashboards is another potential area for integration.

>I hope that such a discussion can help me to make up my mind on how to setup my website and help mozdev to further improve the way they >present the new features to the public...


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