[Project_owners] "Notes" are being spammed

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Mon Apr 21 12:29:40 PDT 2008

On Tuesday 15 April 2008 15:33:24 Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> We've disabled NOTES submissions since this has become such a problem after
> they were repaired.
> Right now we recommend that you request/upgrade to a Drupal site if you
> need gather feedback publically so you can setup your own forum.

An update to the situation:

We found on Friday that the emails were still going to the lists or project 
owners (or whoever was configured to receive updates).  We disabled the 
emailing of these messages Friday afternoon (EDT); if you receive any more, 
let us know.

Today we went through the comments and deleted ones created on or after April 
14th.  This should remove the spam comments from this recent attack from your 

If you come across anything else that looks like it might've been from this 
attack, let us know.

If anyone would like to help restore functionality to the old notes system let 
me know; otherwise we will continue to recommend using Drupal for forums and 
things requiring comments as the tools available there for stopping comment 
spam are much more robust and can be updated more easily.


Douglas E. Warner    <silfreed at silfreed.net>    Site Developer
Mozdev.org           http://www.mozdev.org
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