[Project_owners] mozdev Forums vs mozillaZine

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 14:31:18 PDT 2008

> I already have drupal setup, so people could comment there (not that
> they have :-)), but the chance of someone stumbling upon my forum on
> mozdev is probably much smaller than the chance of someone seeing my 
> thread in the mozillazine extension forum.

I may be wrong, but in all the discussion on planet.mozilla.org about
the updates to AMO, I thought they mentioned there was (or will be) a
way for extension authors to point to a custom forum (wherever it's
located) on their AMO extension's page.  You can keep the forum
wherever was most convenient to you and then people would be able to
find it coming from AMO.


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