[Project_owners] Testers needed for new extension: Panic Button

Alex Eng aeng.aecreations at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 22:07:07 PDT 2008


This is a call for testers to try out and provide feedback on a 
newly-released beta of Panic Button, a new extension for Firefox.

Panic Button introduces a toolbar button for the browser toolbar which 
will quickly hide all Firefox windows when it is clicked -- bring them 
back by clicking a button on the Restore Session toolbar, and your 
browser session will be restored. The Panic Button action can also be 
invoked by pressing F9.

The Panic Button toolbar button is customizable -- choose the Panic 
Button action (hide all windows [default], minimize all windows, or quit 
Firefox), the toolbar button caption, and the toolbar button image (six 
images available; more to be added in a later release).

URLs to more info and download links:

* From the AE Creations website:

* From Mozilla Add-ons (this extension is in the sandbox; you need to be 
logged in to download and install it):

* From the AE Creations blog:

Please feel free to post your feedback on Panic Button as a reply to 
this thread or by sending an email to the AE Creations mailing list (see 
http://aecreations.mozdev.org/contact.html).  Bug reports can be 
submitted at http://aecreations.mozdev.org/bugs.html.



AE Creations website

the AE Creations blog

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