[Project_owners] New roadmap posted

David Boswell david at mozdev.org
Tue Apr 15 16:13:53 PDT 2008

I wanted to let all of the project owners know that we just posted a
new version of the mozdev roadmap at:


The biggest change is that our new top priority is adding Mercurial
support to the site.  We had initially considered adding Subversion
support first, but think it makes sense to stay in sync with Mozilla's
development tools (although we would still like to add Subversion
support, but it's a lower priority).

Another big change is the inclusion of a number of tasks that should
help with the usability of the site, including making edits to a
project's web pages easier, making the creation of new projects a
quicker process and redesigning the look of the site.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about these changes, please
feel free to let us know.


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