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Well, having said that I looked at an extension of mine where I have custom startup and shutdown code, and I do have it in an XPCOM object. You need to observe one or more of the topics listed here:
The shutdown topics I am certain you can observe from a browser.xul overlay, but some or all of the application startup topics might be broadcast before the initial browser.xul is displayed.

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I would prefer not to have to do the XPCOM, can you point me to someexamples of how to do it another way.


Eric H. Jung wrote:      Youdon't need an XPCOM component to execute code at startup and shutdown.But to answer your question, you can use mozIJSSubScriptLoader to loadthe JS which has the functions you're already written.
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Greetings all
I would like my extension to have the ability do some tasks when thefirst browser window is opened and when the last is closed. As part ofthe current functionality of the extension these tasks are donemanually when when the user requests them, this functionality will notbe changed.
I have created a simple XPCOM component that runs code on first loadand last close. What I want to know is what is the best way to achievethe desired functionality without duplicating the current code?
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